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What is the Great Mind Store?


The Great Mind Store is the showplace for Great Mind Media. Great Mind represents independent authors of software, books, and other media. Great Mind provides a way for these talented individuals and small companies to enter the online retail marketplace, so that consumers everywhere have the opportunity to benefit from their unique offerings!

Great Mind Software is dedicated to quality above all else, and pledges to promote only top-quality products, and deliver the highest standards in packaging and service to the customers who purchase products from our store.

Great Mind continues to seek out innovative ways to promote the work of independent authors, and provide fast service and excellent products to our customers as well.


Business and Finance
From real estate calculators to the latest in technological developments like RSS or SQL servers, and spreadsheets for scheduling, Great Mind has some great ideas to help your business run better. Check out our list of business software products on!

Want to use your computer to enhance your photos or do some cool animations or screensavers? Great Mind has great graphics software that will fit the bill!

Health and Nutrition
Maybe you haven't thought of using our computer to keep track of nutition information and food for your shopping list. What about monitoring your blood pressure? With Great Mind products, you can do just that!

Personal Development
Are you interested in learning Tai Chi, Kung Fu or the Shaolin fitness secrets? Great Mind has books and DVDs that you will enjoy. Great Mind offers some great motivational products too!

Personal Productivity
Make the most efficient use of your time by using these great tools which help you organize your schedule, do research, and find the information you need much faster. Great Mind has software for doing internet research, bible research, and super note-taking too. Keep your personal time neatly organized with our great diary software!

Fun and Games
You know what they say about "All work and no play..." so don't let this happen to you. Have some fun, and enjoy our great selection of games! We have arcade games, educational games, shooters, word games, and adventures just for you.

Use the power of your PC to compress and backup your files, search for duplicates. Compare files on different computers, synchronize your laptop. You can even grab the particular files you want from websites using our great utilities!

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Date: 5/3/2010 Rated by Buyer: Tina S. 5 out of 5: "Super Fast thanks"

Date: 5/2/2010 Rated by Buyer: Dan A. 5 out of 5: "The CD is an excellent game package."

Date: 4/26/2010 Rated by Buyer: Norma J. 4 out of 5: "The order was timely and in the condition described."

Date: 4/24/2010 Rated by Buyer: Todd C. 1 out of 5: "Item received quickly and in condition expected."

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Date: 4/8/2010 Rated by Buyer: Jerry L. 5 out of 5: "awsome shipping and great software"
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Date: 3/31/2010 Rated by Buyer: swenson-randolph 5 out of 5: "The CD I ordered from your company was exactly what I wanted. It came very fast and was packaged so well my CD came in perfect condition. Thanks"

Date: 3/31/2010 Rated by Buyer: Eveline D. 5 out of 5: "The item arrived two days before the expected date of arrival."

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