Automatic Self-Defense (2 DVD Set) Review

Martial Arts instructor and medalist Rob LaPointe has developed a course to teach these basic survival techniques in case you are faced with an unexpected criminal attack.

The main idea behind LaPointe's program is that if you are prepared, mentally and physically with the proper training, you will automatically respond. Quick appropriate response in such situations can prevent an ugly situation from turning even worse, and might even mean the difference between life and death.

LaPointe emphasizes that proper mental conditioning will help you shake the victim mentality when faced by a criminal attack. LaPointe's Automatic Self-Defense course has been developed for and recommended by State Department officials. He has been teaching Kung Fu about a mile from the Pentagon since 1989, and says he has "has taught everyone from D.C. street cops, Drug Enforcement Agency "jungle" operatives and Persian Gulf combat vets to crime victims."

In the 2 DVD set, Automatic Self-Defense, LaPointe personally demonstrates these techniques which he has developed over a 16 year teaching career.

You can watch the Automatic Self-Defense DVDs, and practice these techniques, in the privacy of your home, until you have mastered them, and feel prepared to use them in case of an emergency.

It only takes about an hour to learn these basic techniques, and could save you quite a bit of money over taking private lessons. The best thing (in my opinion) is that you don't need to track down a good instructor or be embarrassed in front of a classroom full of people. Just learn from an experienced instructor whose students have had great success.

Many times standard self-defense devices (like pepper spray) don't work, and any weapons the victims is carrying might be grabbed by the attacker (who is pumped up and ready for action). The victim's own gun is more likely to be used on the victim himself instead of the attacker!

The Automatic Self Defense techniques are designed to work for anyone, no matter their age or physical condition - from children to older adults. Unlike some other self-defense methods, which tell you to remain calm at all costs, LaPointe's methods teach you to react quickly with actions designed to throw your attacker off and give you time to signal for help.

You get two DVDs with the course: DVD 1 has the tactics that teach you to use your body's own natural weapons, control nervousness, and think in advance instead of using brute force.

DVD 2 has some bonus exercises designed to tone your upper body, increase flexibility and strength. These exercises are designed to give you more confidence.

Kathy Salisbury
The Great Mind Review Team
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Automatic Self-Defense (2 DVD Set)
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