Dr Germ Puzzle Game Review: Challenging Fun with a Medical Twist

Game Savant has created a wonderful new game that's beautiful, challenging, and - oh yes, you get to blast germs!!

If you love puzzles like I do, and love blasting germs too, then this game is for you.

The world famous Dr Germ is looking for a bright new assistant. Can you live up to the challenge? You'll impress Dr. Germ if you can use your wits and scientific skills to wipe out all the pesky germs!

There are four different gaming modes, which have puzzler challenges. You might have already played collapsing puzzle type games, but Dr. Germ has a new twist. Each level is a new medical or scientific challenge.

As the talented assistant of Dr. Germ, only you can cure these germ-related illnesses. You'll face medical emergencies like cystitis rash, atrophy tremens, clicker poisoning, dysorexy fever, spina shakes, hematesis exhaustion, ablepsy poisoning, and more!

I think this is a brilliant game, and a terrific way to introduce kids to medical scientific terms in a fun way. I believe it would help get kids past the natural reluctance to learn or even fear of long scientific names. In fact, they will think this terminology is pretty cool!

My husband has been teaching science for many years, and often uses games and other non-traditional methods to reinforce scientific terms. He calls it using brain glue.

Dr Germ's four different game modes are Research (classic collapsing puzzle game), Gene Splice and Petri Dish (color-matching games), and Stranded DNA (swap and match puzzler).

I liked the autosave feature, since it let me go back to the same game later. I love it when I can play a game for a few minutes, and pick it up again later. My life is full of interruptions - I bet yours is too.

You could play Dr Germ for hours; it's quite addictive and relaxing to play. The sound effects are entertaining, and the background music adds to the enjoyment without getting annoying like some games. The graphics are colorful and quite beautiful.

If you like puzzle games and you like science, then you simply must get Dr Germ. After all, the world isn't safe, and it won't be until you cure all these germy problems and become a world-renowned research scientist like the famous Dr. Germ!

Kathy Salisbury
The Great Mind Review Team
Great Mind Software

Dr Germ Puzzle Game
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