What are RAR files? A RAR file is a form of archive that is used to contain data in a compressed form. In case you download a RAR file from the internet, you will need a RAR extractor in order to access the data. With Alpha ZIP, you can extract RAR files as easily as if you were simply using Windows Explorer.

Alpha ZIP is the compression tool that can both create and extract a great variety of compressed formats. It is designed with a high level of Windows integration which allows you to do a lot in less time. You will be able to open RAR files and other archives and browse them just like folders on your hard drive. All you have to do is locate the file in Windows Explorer, and double-click it - After that Explorer will simply browse the file as if it were a folder. Unlike some other Zip and RAR extractors, Alpha ZIP will show all folders and subfolders correctly, in the way you are accustomed to from Windows Explorer.

As well as extracting RAR files, Alpha ZIP works with 7-zip files, gzip files, cab, tar files and more. With an intuitive interface, handy email integration and easy file conversion between formats, this compression tool is the solution you're looking for.

With this compression tool, there is no need to pay extra for advanced features like Self Extracting Archives or Compress and Email! We found a way for you to work like experts with NO extra costs and NO extra time spent on learning how to use these advanced features.

Working with archives has never been easier! All archive operations are only one right-click away.

AlphaZIP is the very latest in ZIP file technology, and combines an unprecedented ease of use, integration with Windows and comprehensive new features together into one powerful and intuitive application that's very easy to work with.

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