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When I was running Aaron's WebVacuum for the first time, I had to laugh because it really did feel like I was sucking the pictures right out of my website. My second reaction was "cool program!" My third reaction was "hhhmmm... this could be very useful!"

Aaron's WebVacuum is a fantastic way to grab files from any website automatically. And "automatically" is a beautiful word. When it comes to internet businesses, "automate or die" comes to mind.

What is different about Aaron's WebVacuum from other download managers? Aaron's WebVacuum performs a very specific function, and does it extremely well. You can set it up easily to seek out only specific types of files, ignore tiny ones (if you want to), set it for as many levels as you want, push a button and go.

For example, you might want to quickly grab all the files from a site that has a collection of images you want to store on a CD for later reference. Wow! I just realized how many times this has happened to me, and what a pain it was to do it.

Just set up Aaron's WebVacuum to grab all the image files (gif, jpg or whatever you set it for). I just did this with a website, and it worked like a charm.

I also tried using it on one of my own website, and found it worked well for backing up my image resources and reviewing them. It gave me an interesting new way to do an overview of my site.

You could also use Aaron's WebVacuum to "suck up" other types of files (for example MP3 music files, flash animations or movies). If I start doing that, I'll be glad I ordered that new 200 GB hard drive!

But Aaron's WebVacuum does have statistics, which are really handy too. You can check the stats to see how many kilobytes were downloaded and where the files are stored. You could then save the files in your queue, burn them on a CD and get them off your hard drive, if you were so inclined.

A great utility that I will definitely use myself, I highly recommend Aaron's WebVacuum as a quick easy way to collect and archive files from the internet.

The Great Mind Review Team
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