Blaze Media Pro Review, June 10, 2005

If you enjoy playing around with audio and video like I do, then you are really going to love Blaze Media Pro! This application has just about everything you can imagine to edit, record, convert and even burn multimedia files.

I've tried burning audio files with other software and had some problems. Not so with Blaze Media Pro. It worked like a champ.

This is truly powerful software for the multimedia professional, but would be easy to use for the music collector or video hobbyist too.

If you work with digital multimedia on any level, I think you'll find Blaze Media Pro to be a truly comprehensive solution. Blaze Media Pro has so many important features that it almost boggles the mind, but I'll try to at least mention the most popular and exciting ones.

Conversions! As a game designer this is extremely important to me. I actually paid $29.95 one time for an application just to convert MP3 files to WMA. Yep, $29.95! Now you can see why Blaze Media Pro seems like such an incredible deal to me. With Blaze Media Pro, you can not only perform this conversion, but you can convert to MP3, WAV, OGG, as well as WMA!

But Blaze Media Pro doesn't stop here. Blaze Media Pro will also convert video formats - AVI, MPEG, WMV. For AVI, I noticed the popular video compressors, like Cinepak, Indeo, Windows Media, and MPEG4 were selectable too. You could choose the bitrate, frame rate, channels, etc on the MPEG 4 screen, and from the slowest rate video for WMV up to the highest quality video for broadband connections.

Blaze Media Pro video editor supports MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 for source and output. A super new feature in version 6 is the ability to actually shrink your DVD recordings. This could be really handy if you recorded an event (for example, a wedding) that is 3 hours long. Now you want to put this on a single DVD disc, but a standard DVD disc only allows 2 hours. Just choose "Advanced DVD Compliant MPEG Options" from the File menu and select MPEG-2 as the output format. Then you can set the audio bitrate and approximate DVD duration. Blaze Media Pro automatically sets the video bitrate to a setting that is compatible, and lets you burn the video onto a single DVD disc. You can set a custom resolutions for the video DVDs you burn too. Quite amazing!

The conversion features alone are well worth the selling price, but Mystik Media also incorporated an awesome audio editor into Blaze Media Pro. Your sound or music file is displayed as a waveform , or in spectral mode. You just highlight the portion of the waveform that you wish to edit, and you can cut, paste, or apply various cool special effects.

Blaze Media Pro can even serve as a sound or music mixer! The audio editor has some great tools for this purpose, and you can easily manipulate characteristics, like the channel volume, audio frequency, or filters. You can stretch part or all of the waveform. This ability to stretch an audio waveform is a really nice feature. This feature could be used for audio mixing -- for synching up a voice track with background music, for example -- to create really professional-sounding recordings.

Ahhh... but if you click the "command" button in the audio editor, you'll see lots more special sound controls, like flangers, pitch, tempo, vibrato, fade in and fade out. I could go on and on, but I have to wrap up this review sometimes, and I still have a lot more to cover!

Blaze Media Pro does have other cool stuff, like editing audio tags, searching for lyrics, and a really cool media manager, among other things. I almost forgot -- Blaze Media Pro is a nice player too. You can edit your playlists and simply enjoy Blaze Media Pro's playback capability. When researching this review on the internet, I ran across some interesting reports that some multimedia files would not play on Windows Mediaplayer, but fortunately they played fine on Blaze Media Pro. These people were very happy they had purchased Blaze Media Pro!

I guess the only other point I want to mention was the CD burning capability. You can burn video CDs, audio CDs or data CDs with Blaze Media Pro. You can copy audio CDs too.

A great multimedia tool at a very attractive price, Blaze Media Pro is one of the best bargains anywhere for meeting today's multimedia needs. I highly recommend Blaze Media Pro.

The Great Mind Review Team
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Blaze Media Pro

sugg. retail price: $59.95

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