Chrysanth Mail Manager Review, June 1, 2005

I have been using Chrysanth Mail Manager for about a week now, and I am very impressed with its design! I've tried a lot of mail managers in the past, and each have had interesting features, but Chrysanth Mail Manager seems to be the most user-friendly and pleasant to use.

Chrysanth Mail Manager even manages to put a positive spin on the need to control junk email by using something called a Time Bank.

The Time Bank has a very pleasant sound effects that you will hear as the Chrysanth Mail Manager is handling the spam and nasty junk mails that are attempting to enter your mailbox! It gives you a nice feeling to know that you are no longer wasting your precious time handling this terrible junk email.

Junk email can be such a waste of your time and attention. Chrysanth Mail Manager handles it very automatically, but not so invisibly that you feel out of control. You can see the messages, the reason they were classified as junk mail, and why they should be deleted. Then, if you agree with it, all you have to do is click one button, and then all the junk mail is gone.

Don't worry - Chrysanth Mail Manager does not take the place of your favorite email program. What Chrysanth Mail Manager does instead is run quietly in the background (there's a little icon in the system tray so you can bring it up at any time).

When friendly email arrives, you are alerted by a pleasant sound effect that means "you've got mail."

If you want Chrysanth Mail Manager to delete the junk mails automatically, you can set it up that way too. I don't know the technology behind its sorting mechanism, but it appears to compare the emails to lists of known spammers and eliminate it that way. I read on the Chrysanth Mail Manager website that 90 percent of junk mail comes from 200 known sources!

However it works its magic, Chrysanth Mail Manager is quite reliable. The messages that were flagged as junk or harmful spam were indeed worthy of deletion, and I saved a lot of time by hitting that button at the top that says, "Process Mail."

That's when I get great pleasure from seeing all the junk mail disappear, and only few messages remain for me to read!

Congratulations to Chrysanth for creating a terrific mail manager that makes reading my email a much safer and more pleasant task, and for taking the junk out of my email!

The Great Mind Review Team
Great Mind Inc


Chrysanth Mail Manager

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