Chrysanth NETime Diary

The Chrysanth NETime Diary is a really good way to keep personal information organized. You could also use Chrysanth NETime Diary as as a log for your business activities from day-to-day too. Many years ago, I bought a diary for keep my basic expenses and financial records, and kept it up for several years while I was working on a personal goal. It worked really well for me, but Chrysanth NETime Diary has many, many advantages over the old-style pen and paper diary.

First of all, there is the built-in "spell-check" feature. This is really handy, plus you never know when you might want to export an entry. you can simply select "save as" from the file menu and you are able to save it as a text file, rich text (RTF) or webpage (HTML) format. There's a built in thesaurus too, which is really handy.

For quickly recording your mood, you can select from several built-in emotion icons. You can also import more emotion icons (or emoticons, as they are sometimes called). A lot of people like to record the weather from day-to-day, and Chrysanth NETime Diary lets you do that easily with a temperature recorder. You may enter the temperature using either celsius or fahrenheit, according to your preference. You may also choose wheather icons like "stormy" or "lightning." You can add more weather icons too, if you want.

Using the easy options from the top of the screen, you can insert pictures, insert the date and time with the click of a button, choose different font settings or formats. Chrysanth NETime Diary would actually be a very nice program for creating articles for school assignments, blogs, or other forms of publication. There's an option to print out your entry if you want.

It's very important for a diary to be private, so let's not forget this crucial issue! Chrysanth NETime Diary may be password-protected, so you can keep personal information private, even if you share the computer with other family members.

Chrysanth NETime Diary would make a nice gift for anyone who enjoys keeping a personal log with the convenience of a computer program, but who worries about privacy issues. It would also make a nice gift for parents who want to keep records of their child's development. It would be great to be able to look back over the memorable moments in your child's life. All too often, the little things are forgotten when they are left unrecorded.

You can also keep more than one diary, so you could have a separate diary for work, school, or events. You could keep a separate diary just for expenses and financial information like I did. Proud parents can keep separate diaries for each of their children. Calendars are right at hand for easy reference.

There is another huge advantage to keeping records in a software diary - the search feature. If you don't remember exactly when something happened, just search for a relevent word, and find your answer in seconds. What a great way to jog your memory!

Chrysanth NETime Diary also serves as a photo organizer, since it very neatly stores your photos under various categories, like business, family, and friends. You can name categories too.

One thing I would suggest is to be sure to back up the diary's database with your other important files, because you won't want to lose these valuable records. If you have a CD-writer, that's perfect, because CD takes up so little space, and it is estimated that CD's may last as long as 100 years!

A feature-rich, but easy-to-use personal organizer and diary, Chrysanth NETime Diary will help you keep those treasured moments and important records safe and secure (and well-organized too!) Someday in the future you will enjoy revisiting this very important time in your life!

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