Easy ScreenSaver Studio

Easy ScreenSaver Studio is an very nice utility for creating your own slideshows, screen savers, or even business presentations! I found Easy ScreenSaver Studio to have a lot of features for the money. I have purchased screen saver software in the past to make screen savers to distribute as shareware, and I can tell you it cost a lot more than this.

Easy ScreenSaver Studio will take your photos (which you may import from a digital camera or scanner by Twain 32) and it lets you edit the images - rotate, mirror, resize, or cut. You can choose from lots of nice transition effects, whether to clear the image in between effects, the speed of the transitions and whether or not to randomize the transitions.

What I really liked about Easy ScreenSaver Studio was that it was so painless to create shareware screensavers. You only had to enter your numbers to create a mask, and then it was really easy to generate registration codes. I tried this, and it worked really well. Easy ScreenSaver Studio has the ability to create a self-installing executable file too, if you want to distribute the screensaver you created, royalty-free.

Now you might not want to distribute your screensaver as shareware, but you may still want to require a registration code. Why? To bring customers back to to your website. Easy ScreenSaver Studio has this feature that will send the user back to your website when your screensaver is unregistered. This is a great way to get the customers to remember your business - bring them back to get the code. Screensavers are a great way to promote websites, services, products -all kinds of things!

So you might consider Easy ScreenSaver Studio as a good investment for the promotion of your business, but it has lots of potential for personal use too. If you want to share your photos with other family members, you can make a screensaver or slideshow in minutes, and even email it to your friends and relatives right from the program! Easy ScreenSaver Studio will compress the file, too, if you are worried about the file size being too large.

Not only that, but you can use background music or sound effects with your screensaver. Easy ScreenSaver Studio accepts wav, mp3 or wma sound files. I tried it with a rather large mp3 file and Easy ScreenSaver Studio handled with no problem at all.

For an easy to use utility with loads of great features, I highly recommend Easy ScreenSaver Studio for creating personal or business screensavers, slideshows and other graphic presentations.

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