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FolderClone Pro - is simply a program I couldn't live without!! Why do I say that? Recently (before FolderClone Pro) I experienced a hard drive crash. I thought I was being so careful. I had antivirus software running. I had three identical hard drives, so (as I thought) if something terrible happened in the middle of a backup, the third drive would come to my rescue.

I didn't lose everything, but it was a nightmare piecing it (my life, my work, everything!!) back together. Due to a weird combination of events, the crash occurred during a backup, taking out my main drive AND its backup. The third drive wouldn't boot. Never again do I want to relive that nightmare - and I won't have to, thanks to FolderClone Pro.

What is so different about the FolderClone Pro? It is the brilliant concept of incremental backups. I had previously heard something about incremental or folder backups and was familiar with Salty Brine's other great product, FolderMatch. I just thought I didn't need it, I suppose - but I was dead wrong.

Now I know better, and what a relief! FolderClone Pro was super easy to use. I definitely knew what folders I wanted to back up on a regular basis. The beauty of this is I don't have to put my entire system at risk to run a backup now. The folders that are most critical I have FolderClone scanning every day. FolderClone checks the timestamp to see which files have changed, and asks me if I want to copy them to the backup drive. Yes!

There are some other folders which are less critical, and I set FolderClone to scan and update these every few days, and other one time per week.

Then, just to make sure I've copied every little thing I might need, I set FolderClone up to check and update my entire hard drive once a month.

I loved FolderClone Pro so much, that I just purchased a copy of FolderClone Standard for another computer which I don't use as often.

The main difference for me is that FolderClone Pro has the capability of copying locked or "in use" files. This is important if you want to back up files while you are working, which I do.

I'm looking forward to reviewing FolderClone Standard soon, and I'll let you know how it is working out on our secondary machine.

Meanwhile, I highly recommend FolderClone Pro - a truly awesome program that I plan to use for a long, long time.

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