Linguata Fun Language Learning Review, October 21, 2005

When it comes to learning languages, do you have a mental block? When it comes to learning French, do you feel tres stupide? Or maybe just sitting through high school French class bored you to tears?

But now that you have an exciting vacation planned with a visit to the Eiffel tower on the itinerary, and (peut-etre) you wish you had paid just a oui bit more attention. (yes, I know that's not the right way to use "oui" - just wanted to make sure you were still with me!

Well, fear no more, because Linguata Fun Language Learning can take the drudgery out of learning a foreign language!

I must admit being one of those geeky people who actually loved foreign language classes, but I also admit that I was in the minority. (Surprise! I loved algebra too!) Most of my classmates probably thought they would have no use for these French lessons, so why bother to learn?

But the world is a much smaller place these days. With the internet being so accessible, we often find ourselves in email exchanges or business dealings with people from other countries. Fortunately for us, people of other nations are often well-schooled in the English language. But there's no denying that having a working vocabulary in French is very advisable if you are going to be actually visiting France!

But you didn't come here to read my ramblings - you want to know what you can do about it, right?

In my opinion, Linguata is a great way to learn some basic French. Linguata features bright colors and tons of things to do; you won't find Linguata boring.

Linguata's Learn French has the basics covered, in a fun and easy way. One thing I like is the menu, which is the expanding outline form. Most of us are really used to this format from using Windows, so it's a natural.

The subjects of Linguata's menu are the things you want to know for a basic real world conversation in French. For example, there are words and phrases that you will want to know when you go into a restaurant. Linguata will help you learn the words for common objects: things in a bathroom, bedroom, buildings, animals, articles of clothing - real world things you need to know.

To build your vocabulary, double-click on the words in the menu, and you will hear the word repeated in French. Or you may choose from a variety of learning methods.

Teachers know that there are three basic kinds of learners: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. I am a visual learner. That's why I learned from the traditional teaching methods, while some of my classmates were dozing off. Traditional teaching methods favor visual learners.

Now this is where Linguata shines, in my opinion. Linguata uses a variety of puzzles and games that appeal not only to the visual learners, but to the auditory and kinesthetic learners as well.

Auditory learners can hear the spoken words and practice them while playing the games. The words are reinforced in some games by repetition in French while viewing them in French, and other times while viewing their English counterpart. You learn to spell the words in some games, arrange phrases in others. You learn to listen to phrases and identify them in English. You can practice your pronunciation and compare it to a native French speaker.

Kinesthetic learning is awakened through physical movement, and Linguata provides some simple arcade games just for the kinesthetic learners among us (or anyone who likes to play games, for that matter!) Wordman is a Pacman-type game where you must eat the letters in the proper order before the bad guys gobble you up. Invaders is just like the traditional game, but you must shoot the letters of the phrase in order, or else the Invaders keep on advancing relentlessly.

Visual learners get to have their fun too, with spelling games and games where you unscramble words and phrases.

All in all, Linguata Fun Language Learning is a terrific way to teach yourself (or your kids) the basic skills you need to communicate with others in French while vacationing or traveling abroad. Use Linguata Linguata Fun Language Learning to expand your horizons with some foreign language skills - painlessly!

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