MileCharter Review: Create Mileage Charts with Microsoft MapPoint

If your organization has to calculate routes and driving distances for any reason, then you know what a time-consuming chore it can be.

Yes, you can find this information online, but if you do such calculations very often, then you will undoubtedly find Microsoft MapPoint a lot faster to use as your primary resource.

Great resource that MapPoint is, though, you may still find that route calculations are taking a lot of your time. It could literally take you hours or days to chart a complex route, and every time it changes, there you go again!

Winwaed Software has come up with a terrific solution for this problem: MileCharter. If you need to plot routes, then MileCharter can definitely make your life much easier!! This is a really slick tool that will print out charts in Excel for you quicker than you can bat an eye.

I just tried MapPoint recently for the first time, and I thought it was pretty incredible. It's really a lot of fun to play around with, but there's just an overwhelming amount of data to take in.

MapPoint uses something called pushpins to personalize your map. It's just like sticking pushpins into a wallmap to plan routes or mark important spots.

MileCharter is an add-on for MapPoint, so after you install MileCharter, you'll find it right there in the MapPoint program. You don't need to start it up separately. Just click on the "tools" menu at the top of the screen in MapPoint.

The pushpins are located on the Drawing toolbar in MapPoint. I totally overlooked this toolbar at first, because it was at the bottom of the screen, where I'm not really used to looking for toolbars.

Anyway, you just click Pushpin and then click on the exact spot on the map that you want to mark. A little text balloon appears above the pushpin, and you can type in a name for this location.

Once you have all the pushpins in place for your routes, then all you need to do is bring up MileCharter. As I noted before, MileCharter is found on the "tools" menu in MapPoint.

When the MileCharter screen comes up, just select your pushpins, and press compute. Instantly MileCharter starts up Excel and you have a nice Excel spreadsheet printout of the mileage between your stops! I did a few routes, and the results were almost instantaneous! If you are familiar with the handy mileage charts that are often found in the back of atlases or road maps, then you'll be amazed at how fast MileCharter can create one of these charts.

If your organization deals with complex routes, then you could create an impressive-looking printout of the route schedule in a fraction of the time it would take you without using MileCharter.

Who might benefit from the MileCharter technology? Off the top of my head, I would say anyone who plans sales routes, tour routes, school bus routes, emergency service routes, trucking, or supply routes. This could include city planners, business owners, retail distributors, or most any kind of service provider.

Most importantly, once you have the data saved, then you can import it back into MapPoint any time you want to check or revise the route.

MileCharter is a great tool that works flawlessly, and can save you precious time. And it's quite affordable too, especially considering the vast amounts of time it will save. If you are a route planner who uses MapPoint, then it's simply a no-brainer to get this inexpensive add-on for MapPoint. And the name is easy to remember since it explains what it does so well: MileCharter!

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