Scheduling Spreadsheets for 25 Employees

I must admit that although I've always been a techie, I had very little previous experience with Microsoft Excel. I've also had practically no experience with scheduling employees, so I didn't know if I would be a good person to review Chapman Software's Scheduling Spreadsheets for 25 Employees. But in a way, it was a good test for the product. If I can figure it out, then probably anyone can.

Chapman Software has developed a series of this scheduling software. It's extremely helpful to start with the product that closely matches your scheduling needs, rather than starting to build it from a "one size fits all" product.

I don't have the latest version of Excel, since I rarely use it, but Scheduling Spreadsheets for 25 Employees worked just fine. My security was set to a high level, so when I started it up there was a question about enabling macros. I flagged the product as a trusted source, and was off and running.

There are helpful tabs at the bottom of the screen, which walk you through the setup and instructions in a step-by-step fashion. The data was already filled in with a examples, so you could pretty easily substitute the names of your employees for the sample names.

We all know that "time is money" when it comes to business. It immediately struck me what a mammoth task it would be to schedule so many employees if you didn't have a system like this one. Without a tool like Scheduling Spreadsheets for 25 Employees, it might take you hours or even days to set up such a complex schedule.

I was soon fascinated by all the charts and graphs that I could print out, displaying the schedules in different ways.Once you have the basic chart structure set (which is already done for you by Scheduling Spreadsheets for 25 Employees) then you have all the power of Microsoft Excel at your disposal. I think it's good to go with a standard like Excel for your office scheduling needs. With your normal operating system and Microsoft Office updates, you'll stay current without extra expense. You may decide to add some new features, but the spreadsheets themselves should never really be outdated.

Scheduling Spreadsheets for 25 Employees is interspersed with written and graphical instructions, which explain things so you don't feel lost at any point. I liked the hints which appeared as "bubbles" pointing to a particular field and explaining in simple terms what you are supposed to do. If you have a question on any page, you can click the "question mark" image, and you get lots of helpful instructions too.

I noticed on the testimonial page that Chapman Software customers were very pleased with how the Scheduling Spreadsheets helped them stay within budget too. I think that purchasing Scheduling Spreadsheets for 25 Employees should be a no-brainer for anyone with a large staff to schedule. Scheduling Spreadsheets for 25 Employees could save you time, keep you in budget, and relieve stress too!

The Great Mind Review Team
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