SQL Server Comparison Tool

SQL Servers really are the backbone behind today's successful internet businesses. These servers hold the data that helps businesses improve efficiency, lower administrative costs and provide the instant responses that customers expect.

Sometimes it is necessary to verify or compare the data in SQL Server databases. Now you can analyze and document your SQL Server databases with SQL Server Comparison Tool.

SQL Server Comparison Tool allows you to check the integrity of your SQL databases, even if they reside on different servers. It's a very safe tool to use, since it never changes the data - it simply compares, analyzes and creates reports.

SQL Server Comparison Tool displays the selected data from two different SQL databases. The differences in the data are highlighted in blue for your information. You can use various hotkeys which makes the program operation smooth and efficient. You don't even need a mouse to operate the program.

You can compare data in tables with SQL Server Comparison Tool. The databases must have the same structure - that is, same number and type of columns. You can compare the data in lots of different ways, for instance you might select all tables and functions. This would then generate a very detailed report of the data comparisons you requested.

These are the objects which can be compared using SQL Server Comparison Tool:

  1. Tables
  2. Procedures
  3. Functions
  5. Triggers
  6. Relationships

SQL Server Comparison Tool lets you filter the data according to ownership, whether the object is owned by a user or a role. This gives you a more accurate view of your data.

SQL Server Comparison Tool helps secure your valuable data in more ways than one. You can use SQL Server Comparison Tool to monitor for unexpected changes in your databases -- these changes might indicate your server security has been compromised.

SQL Server Comparison Tool is a great way to compare your databases, and you can export reports from SQL Server Comparison Tool to HTML or Excel files for later analysis. Objects are compared for data differences and also for their existence. If you select "tables," for example, the reports will show you not only which tables differ, but also if a table exists in database #1 but does not exist in database #2.

If you want to protect the contents of your SQL databases - as valuable assets or properties of your online businesses - then SQL Server Comparison Tool could be exactly the tool that you need!

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