StampManage Stamp Collecting Software Review

Review assignment: StampManage by Liberty Street Software

Verdict: For the serious collector, it doesn't get much better than StampManage.

StampManage is an amazing resource for philatelists everywhere. I'm not a collector myself, but I am the mother of one, and I know how passionate collectors can be about maintaining and adding to their collections.

I was intrigued by all the stamp images included in this software, and fascinated by the history evident in the pictures of these old stamps. In the trial version of StampManage, you will find about 1400 images. But this pales in comparison to the more than 17 thousand high resolution stamp images that are found in the full version of StampManage!

I was impressed by the comprehensive features of this program. StampManage has obviously been a labor of love for the developer (Liberty Street Software). And that's the best kind of software, in my experience.

You might know a lot about stamps and collecting them, but it seems to me it would be impossible to keep yourself informed without using a tool like StampManage. Keeping a software inventory of your collection makes a lot of sense when it comes to insurance records too. Liberty Street says that StampManage includes 23,500 complete variety listings from the U.S. Canada, US Possessions, Canadian provinces and U.N. stamps.

StampManage is officially licensed to use the SCOTT numbering system. Scott catalogs are researched and compiled by Scott Publishing Company of Sidney, Ohio. Collectors and dealers use the Scott number system to identify stamps. When you add stamps to your collection, all you have to do is type the SCOTT number into a box in StampManage, and it is automatically and correctly added to the database.

I tried this, and was completely fascinated. The images of the stamp pop right up on the screen, as well as the list from the SCOTT catalog of nearby numerical entries. I had a lot of fun just looking through the pictures of old stamps!

Once entered, you can sort your collection in various ways. You might want to look at all your purchases from a particular month or year. Or you can sort the data to view stamps of a particular color or condition. You can view your collection in many ways, to see where you are lacking stamps of a certain type, and you will end up with a more complete collection as a result!

You can scan in an image of your stamp, or import the image from a digital camera. You can add details about the selling price, condition, barcode, cachet information (although I didn't know what that was!) and lots of other details, including even some user defined fields, in case there's some unusual information you'd like to record.

But there are plenty of fields already built into StampManage. You can record information like: Denomination, Description, Variety, Color, Series, Printer, Issue Location, Issue Date, Type, Perforation, Paper, Watermark and Gum information.

I noticed there are some powerful tools built into StampManage. You can import or export to Microsoft Access, for example. That would be handy if you've already got your collection set up in Access; you can import it right into StampManage.

Using StampManage, you can export your collection to html, and view it in a catalog webpage format. That would be very handy if you want to post your catalog online, for selling or trading, perhaps.

I think almost all collectors use eBay these days, and StampManage helps you connect to eBay and search for the stamp you want quickly and easily. You don't even have to type anything. Just click on the stamp you want and the search begins. I thought this was really slick.

In conclusion, I must reiterate my previous statement. For the serious stamp collector, I doubt you'll find a better management tool than StampManage by Liberty Street Software! <

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