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Is your digital photo collection out of control? SureThing Photo Plus is a super new tool for organizing those unruly photo collections! You can organize your collection in lots of different ways, view and sort through your photos very fast, import new photos from your camera or scanner. You can touch up the photos very quickly if they need sharpening, or if you want to adjust the exposure, or if you need to crop them. You can enlarge the photos, and print them out in high quality for frame mounting.

SureThing Photo Plus is one of those programs that impresses you with its high quality as soon as you try.

I have lots and lots of graphic software, and wouldn't have thought it would make much difference to display photos in any particular manner, but I was wrong.

First of all the program asks you if your photos are in "My Pictures" or if you want it to search for images on your computer. It loads them up quickly (how did they manage to do that so fast?) Once loaded into memory, the photos are quickly browsed with backward and forward arrows. The interface is nice - you get the feeling you are watching a show. It's very entertaining. You can choose from different desktop themes to maximize your enjoyment.

I took some pictures of an ice storm last winter, but then I completely forgot about them. SureThing Photo Plus found the lost photos for me, and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed looking through these forgotten gems. If not for SureThing Photo Plus, these great pictures might have been lost forever. If you can't find your photos, they aren't worth much, that's for sure.

One caveat: if you happen to have any exceptionally large images, it might slow things down a bit. I had a massive (7 MB!!!) image in the photo folder. After I moved it, I was amazed how fast SureThing Photo Plus loaded my photos.

You can organize your photos and images by date, keywords, comments or categories. You can import photos from a digital camera, scanner or card reader. There are a lot of nice image-editing features too -- like Red Eye removal, sharpen, crop. You can rotate your photos to the left, or to the right.

If you want your own photo gallery on a website - no problem! Use the Photo Website Wizard. You can build screensavers and slideshows. Pick from the many fun transition effects that are included with SureThing Photo Plus, or you can randomly use all the special transition effects. You can create your own screensaver literally in seconds.

You can also email your photos or screensavers to your friends and family with the click of a button!

SureThing Photo Plus makes it easy to back up your photo collection too. We often forget about the need to backup our treasured photos until it's too late. SureThing Photo Plus will save a copy of your photos on a CD or DVD where they will be safe in case of computer failure.

I love the way you can use SureThing Photo Plus to print out high quality images and even enlarge them. This is a great way to make meaningful gifts for your loved ones. I printed out some lighthouse photos for my sister-in-law, put them in a frame and they made a great gift.

A really terrific photo editing and management program that you'll find is worth its weight in gold, SureThing Photo Plus is sure to please anyone who enjoys digital photography. Try it and see for yourself!

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