Type Pilot -- "hot keyword" typing method for computer productivity

Tired of sitting at your computer keyboard for hours on end, typing and retyping the same old information? Type Pilot software is the solution to your problems!

If you are looking for ways to increase your productivity, Type Pilot can jumpstart your typing skills and decrease your stress levels.

It's amazing what a little automation can do for your business. Small business owners these days can spend a lot of time at the computer. These processes can and should be automated for maximum productivity.

For example, how often do you need to type your own address? How often do you type certain long URLS? All this this can be automated with Type Pilot, saving you tons of work!

A small business owner may be asked the same questions several times a day. For example, a question might be "How do I send a payment?" You could program Type Pilot to type an entire paragraph answering this question for you. How do you get the answer into your email or document? Type Pilot uses hotkeys, or more precisely "hot keywords."

You might use the phrase "pay1" for example. Then you simply type "pay1" when you want to insert the long answer to this question!

Tip: I like to use the same letter several times because it's so easy to type. For example, for the "how do I pay" question, I would like to type "ppp." The keyword should be something that is not likely to be typed in normal English usage.

The key to online business success is automation. Every little system you devise to automate some tedious process will make you happier, more productive and put you on the road to success.

Type Pilot is the simplest method I have found for automating email and other written work. Let Type Pilot automatically perform these mundane and repetitive tasks, and your productivity will soar!

Kathy Salisbury
The Great Mind Review Team
Great Mind Software

Type Pilot
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