WhizFolders Pro

WhizFolders Pro is one of the handiest programs I've seen in a long time. I kept finding new features while I was reviewing, and saying, "Wow!"

One thing I really like is that WhizFolders Pro starts up so fast. It's not memory resident (as a reviewer, I was getting too many icons on my taskbar anyway, so I appreciate that.) But in case someone needs it, the option to put an icon on the Task bar is there, under General Options - Task bar.

WhizFolders Pro put an icon on my desktop, so I can find it easily (especially since now I'm not so cluttered with notes!)

A nice side effect of becoming a reviewer is that I am becoming so proficient at using software tools you wouldn't believe it. I really didn't know before what kind of great tools were out there. Now it's my mission to tell the world.

WhizFolders Pro lets you keep thousands of notes organized. And not just plain text - you can store rich text or even images and OLE objects. You can use hyperlinks to jump to other notes too. Just use drag and drop to edit your notes.

You can search for text in your notes. Before WhizFolders Pro, I was using Windows search for this - talk about inefficient. The Windows XP search no longer found strings within txt files without a lot of finagling anyway. Besides ordinary search, WhizFolders Pro can search for words with AND, OR, NEAR between them through Search--Advanced Search option. If you use that on the main window, you can even search through multiple documents.

WhizFolders Pro has a lot of great features for writers -- like formatting text, using colors, highlighting,using multiple windows, printing notes, password protecting notes, spell checker, watch clipboard, word count, paste plain text, etc.

WhizFolders Pro can even create .Exe ebooks from your notes! This feature alone is well worth the purchase price.

The WhizFolders Pro tutorial serves as a great example of how to use the software. It's set up like an outline, and you can logically organize your own notes, just like the tutorial. I instantly "got it" from simply using the tutorial. Nice!

I quickly loaded some notes from my little txt files into WhizFolders Pro and set up a logical outline in no time at all.

WhizFolders Pro will organize your notes and make your life a lot less complicated. I know it worked great for me!

The Great Mind Review Team
Great Mind Inc


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